Getting To Know Me

Blogs? what? Hmm so I have been thinking for quite a while whether to blog! As you can tell I have made my final decision to start. Since this is my first blog i feel that you probably would like to get to know me just a bit so why not tell you a few things..

my name is Libby, most people call me ‘Libs’ like an average teenager i do like to spend a lot of time on my laptop gaming, talking to friends… but i mainly like to do photography and think that their is so much detail in the photos and a story behind them 😀 IMG_1098IMG_1096

Its no secret that i love photography!!! 😀 The other day it was chucking it down with rain.. :/ I really like the weather when the rain has stopped. I Like all the rain drops on the leaves and the way the sun peeps through the clouds its beautiful. So i decided to get my camera and go for a walk with me dog 🙂 I do Photography in school and i would say it is definitely one of my favorite subjects! I find it so interesting with all the different settings as you can tell i really enjoy close up, especially with nature!

IMG_0490Another thing about me…  I LOVE ANIMALS! 🙂 To me they are like best friends. I have quite a few animals; dog, cats, hamster and fishes! I love all of them my hamster is the most stillest (is that even i word?? it is now aha) hamster you will ever meet, I will get him out while im on my laptop and he will just sit on my lap eating a treat, its lovely i couldn’t ask for a better hamster! 🙂 i love him. I also have the most loving two cats one of them belongs to my brother but Peppa is my baby. she is so loving and always wants a fuss like every other cat but she is getting at the age now where she cant feed her self so i feed her every morning and night! she is amazing and i love her.

so this is my first Blog! 🙂 comment what you think and what i should talk about next, also if you have any questions!?? 😀

Be back soon,

Libby x


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