Dreams, Happiness & the Future

DREAMS! we all have them, hoping and wishing for loads of things in life… I myself have plenty amazing dreams I really do hope that one day in My Random Life they will all come true!

My dreams are all a bit random which makes sense… 😀 there not all ‘i hope to fly to the moon…’ I have pretty simple dreams, I wont list them all otherwise you will all die reading this. XD I have dreams such as wanting an amazing garden with loads of animals and flower beds also i would love to have my own mini farm, i think that would be so amazing! I dont know about any of you but, i love this show called ‘Love your Garden’  its so amazing and the things that Alan Titchmarsh and the team come up with are beautiful! The other day while i was writing a Blog i was watching an episode and he made a spiral flower bed and now i really, really want one i think its an amazing idea and would look beautiful!


Anyway before I get too carried away with gardens I also have dreams for an amazing job for my future. It has taken me a very long time to decided what I would like to be when I am older because over the past few years I have been hopping from different jobs… but I think I have finally decided what I would like to be…! well since I love nature, photography and animals I would like to own a lovely cottage farm house. But before all of this I would like the travel the world and adventure out with my camera and capture everything that there is to see. I will start off going all around the UK because it is where I live so, I think that it will be a great place to start and, get to know a lot more about where I’m from. Once I have finished adventuring out in the UK and saved up a LOT of money I would like to go far out all around the world and see everything and experience new things! After I have travelled the world I will then settle down at my dream house. I am going to try my hardest to get my own little “side” shop where I can sell my own photography work… and any farm crops that I produce too. This would be my dream job, it would be all of my dreams put together because of all of the memories I would have made travelling the world being shared through my work 🙂  I really do hope that one day this does come true.

All i can really do is try my very hardest too! What I would like to say to whoever is reading my blog, dream BIG and stick with it and never give up! and that is my advice to all of you!! 😀

HAPPINESS is one of the things you need most in life!! and lately I have been having a lot of it. The other day my mum, nan and myself went to Castle Ashby.. and you know what… it was amazing just to spend amazing time with close family who mean the world to me
and to see my nan smiling, was beautiful.

so, this was just a random little Blog 🙂 I would like to know if any of you have any dreams and hopes and what makes you your happiest! comment and share! 😀

Be Back Soon

Libby x


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