I went on holiday…..!?

Hi again, I am back!

Sooooo yeah im not sure if i have definitely been on a holiday… some people class different things as a holiday for example, going abroad… but on the other hand some people may just think that getting away from your home is a holiday.

Me and my family that i live with decided we need some kind of break from the house because lately we have been having a lot of family issues and need a break, but anyway.. so we have been looking for a good, cheap, fun place to stay for a week. So after a while of looking we finally found Butlins! On the website there was a lot of awesome pictures and info about all the activities, and when we got there it looked wonderful and everyone was happy… but then we realized the beds were horrible and there was no room for anything or for teenagers really except for off the actual site itself. It was “kidafied” aha XD also the weather was total rubbish, strong winds, rain and cloud 😦 but anyway apart from all that there was i lovely beach and swimming pool which was very relaxing! also i spent a lot of time with my mum which i have missed out on a lot lately.

As you probably already know i LOVE photography and so does my mum so we decided to go to the beach IMG_1229IMG_1207and do a lot of close up photography! It was my favorite part of the holiday and i loved every minute of it, here is some of the photos that i took.. As you know, since i have said it plenty on times i love close up photography like on the right, but then on the left i decided to do a bit of landscape because that is what my mum does so i thought i would try, as you can see.

Tell me some of your holiday adventures and what you enjoyed best! Like and follow! i will blog a lot more now i am back, thanks for reading everyone! 🙂

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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