Book Mad!!!

Do you ever get that weird urge to just get a book and read it? I did a few nights ago!

The other week we took my nan home and she is book mad (more than me) so she always has a new book for me to IMG_1439[1]read and their are three that look amazing. The author is an amazing lady called Barbara Erskine she is such an awesome writer, she will write about the past and then come back to the present and it is so fascinating to read, and to me all of her books are the ones where you cant put them down… i even have to give my self a limit a night on how much to read otherwise i really wont go sleep and will just keep reading! ahaha 😀

Anyways, so the other night i finally decided what book the read out of the 3 and i have chosen one called “River of Destiny” the blurb is short and leaves you at a mystery…. ‘an anglo saxon burial mound protected by an ancient curse…. a Victorian tragedy of forbidden love…. the evil power of the past which grows ever stronger….‘ i think that this book sounds absolutely amazing! Please leave a comment of what you think 😉

IMG_1433[1]I have only just started reading this book a few nights ago as i said and i have gotten so into it, i seriously can not take my eyes of it, i even cant wait to get into bed the whole day im just like i wanna readdddd moreeee haha 😀

I do have an all time fav book at the moment and it is called “sparks Fly” and i got it on my Kindle! it was yet again another book where i couldn’t put it down. It is book about love & hate and it is just… i cant even explain 🙂 the only thing about this book i did not like is the ending it is one of those endings where it doesn’t finish and you know their is so much more to be said but… there isn’t! 😦

So now i would like to know whats your favorite book and why??? also leave a like and a follow to always find out when i have a new blog!! Thanks for reading

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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