Back To School…..!

Hey Guys! so as you can see this Blog is going to be about going Back To School… and the goods and the bads, so lets get started! πŸ™‚

I have been a little bit busy lately you know back to school.. woopwoop!!! Honestly im a bit yano mixed emotions with the whole IMG_1129waking up early and having to have an alarm 5 days a week buzzing in my ear making me hate my life ahaha XD something that always make me happy about the first few days i have had back at school are that is has been warm and sunny becasue i have to walk home so its always nice to be happy walking with someone who make me happy too πŸ˜€

but on the other hand i am happy because i get to see all my friends again because i have missed them so much especially my best friends and sissy! just hanging around with them having a laugh always brightens my day. Also with being at school i have the people who are always their to listen to me and talk to me when i need them most! The only thing about this year at school is it is my last and i bet it is going to go so damn fast and its gonna be gone before i know it 😦 which is sad but also a happy thing because i have all my plans for once i finish school, like college πŸ˜€ i am seriously looking forward to that!!!!! My brother is in his last year of college now and he loves it, and he has such amazing friends. So i really cant wait for that!! Me and my best friend always plan our futures together and plan where we are going to live and be next to each other and our dream jobs… and i just realized i am slowly going off topic.. oooppsss ehe πŸ™‚

anyways back to school is what we was talking about… i admit as i said i am happy to be back to school but since it is my last year i know that i am going to be doing so much revision and exams and that final day when i walk in to my schools canteen and get handed that envelope OMG thinking about it makes me so nervous aha :/ it is defiantly going to be one of the biggest day of my life ❀

So i know i havent got that much… aha to say about back to school but its only been 2 days we went back on a Thursday so yeaahh.. If you would like comment and tell me about you first days back at school if you still go and leave a like πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading Guys talk soon !!

Libby ❀ x


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