new year chinwag!

2015 is finally here!


a little snowman ornament we always put out each year

i don’t know about you but didn’t 2014 go super quick?? i honestly thought is was going to be a drag of a year, i had exam preparation, college sign up and quite a lot of things going on in my life but it went so fast! new years eve it was getting close to 12pm and me and my family all sat down singing and getting ready with the drinks and crackers all relaxing then suddenly all i heard was 25…24…23… i couldn’t believe only within a few more seconds our crazy but marvelous adventure of a year was going to be over and in the past…

new year revolutions?! I have indeed got a few little revolutions that have already started but my main one that my family and myself have agreed on is to be happy and take life’s challenges as it is and with our head up high and a smile on our face! we are all going to keep this up and is one of us falls we will build them a ladder to get back up 🙂

i haven’t wrote a blog post in as it seems forever but i do read a few every night before i go off to bed and i IMG_0086have noticed blogs about reviews of Christmas, there best and worse parts, i would say that i have not had any bad parts of the Christmas holiday i have only really had amazing good parts and most of them are just simple little IMG_0280things that i have done with my family but really enjoyed! one of my favs are… a few days before Christmas day me and my mum decided to have a nice girly evening so we made hot chocolate covered in spray cream and marshmallows hidden underneath and put the fire on, we got a few little blankets, put on a movie and we were both done for the night. It was so lovely and relaxing i couldn’t have asked for a move lovely girly time! ❤ also as you all know me i love photography so me and my mum also done a little bit of that… just a little 🙂

I know that this blog is a little bit late but I hope you all enjoyed this blog I have done and happy new years!

comment and tell me your new years resolutions ❤

Libby x


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