That’s more like it!

We went on a REAL holiday! It was amazing, time out of the real world…

when we arrived it was time for dinner so it was latish but the sky was still bright and blue, i have never seen such a beautiful, strong sky blue in my life! This was the view from my balcony!!


So many beautiful views from the same place every morning and evening!


Not just the views but the nature around the Hotel was gorgeous, there was carvings on trees that i found interesting with beauty


Chilling in the pool is always going to be one of the most classic family fun that you will have on a holiday!

BeFunky Collage

Relaxing in the evening before dinner was lovely, the views were all around you and the drinks were delicious and refreshing!


As you all probably know i’m an animal lover and i did indeed make a friend while i was away, a little kitty that always came to see me near the pool. When the holiday was coming to an end we decided to go on a walk around the island and we came across a huge cactus that people had made marks so that other people and if they come back they can see it, so we joined in and made a family mark of our amazing time! Since it was an island there was so many boats and harbors to see, it was very beautiful and interesting seeing all of the different boats around.

random holibobs

There is so much that i would love to share with you all because it was an amazing experience! That is why this blog is mainly photos so that you guys can see and experience it with me. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this blog.

Be back soon,

Libby x


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