A pet isn’t just a pet.. A pet is a family member!

You don’t realise how much a pet means to you or how many memories you have made with them until there time comes to an end…

All pet owners will know that a pet isn’t just an animal that sits around all day and sleeps, a pet is a family member, soul mate, listener, helper and lover… I could go on and on.

A relationship with a pet is different to an ordinary human friendship because, the pet doesn’t talk back yet us humans will moan, cry, laugh, talk about our day with the bad and good parts and carry on, but still it will seem that the cat, dog or rabbit… with just sit there in silence listening, letting you let everything out… but when you grow that bond with your pet whether it be a monkey or guinea pig they will respond in other ways like actions, looks, noise… and the owner will realise what they are trying to say and you do get this weird sort of caring connection where you start to understand each other and it is truly amazing!

My cat Pepper had to be put down the other night because she was suffering with cancer, and this is the story…

when I was about 6 years old 2 unloved, lonely, scared and very sad cats were brought into this family- Pepper and Chilli ❤ The beginning of their lives were not the greatest and they had a rough time but they had been given a chance for a fresh start with us and they were both loved and cared for with all our hearts. Sadly some time went on and one of the cats (Chilli)  passed away to early in her life but the time she had with us was magical and did put a smile on both ours and her face! A few weeks after a cat rescue called us up and told us a very broken and weak kitten has been rescued and she probably only has a week left so would we be able to take her on and lift the rest of her time that she has and give her the love she deserves??? YES! we did take her on and we did give her the love and care she needed and we still do! She is still here with us today and it has been 8 years since 😀 she became Peppers sister and soul mate! They grew up together paw in paw, playing, meowing for dreamies all the time and wanting fuss.. they are so lovable and comforting and I could never ask for anything better!

A few weeks ago i woke up to get ready for school and Pepper’s belly had grown in size I was quite worried so we decided that after school we will take her to the vets. I came home after school that day to find that her belly had gotten bigger and it was rock hard so we went straight to the vets, they kept her for a few hours for some scans and when they called us back we found out she had cancer… this broke all our hearts because of how much our love and bond had grown. We were allowed to go and collect her that night and take her home and the vet said she really doesn’t have much time left so with having a holiday week of school we were blessed to be able to say our goodbyes and have our final memories made since we new what was going on! Three weeks later she was still standing not very tall but she had her head up and was still here but she was getting weaker.. I knew that it was slowly coming to an end and that it was time for the final goodbyes but I knew that she will always be in my heart ❤

This was one of the hardest situations and decisions that I have ever been in and had to make! It was difficult but I had to do what was right for Pepper and now she is out of pain and in peace 🙂 She was my first pet and I have loved everyday with her even the fish and chip nights where she would keep tapping me for some fish and where she would purr so loud it would wake me up and then meow so that I would get up and feed her! I will miss everything even the small things.

The memories that I made with Pepper are the best and it feels like only yesterday i was pushing her around in a dolls pram and treating her like my baby!

RIP Pepper, you are now back with your sister!


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this Blog, it was quite a heart to heart one 😛  Comment if you would like to share your pet memories with me!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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