It’s nearly over!

I can’t believe how quick my life has gone so far. I don’t feel I have had the amount of birthdays that I have had and I don’t feel that I am actually starting college in September… I find it so hard to believe that I am already at this stage in my life! I am so happy that I have made it this far already even with all the downs and still going strong!

I admit that at some points I have felt that I have failed or not done a good enough job but I need to remember who i am trying to impress and look at who I have become and how far I have got which makes me a success and not a failure.

All you can do is try your best and that’s what I have done and I do not regret the decisions that I have made.

A few days ago I went on a lovely walk and i took my camera as always (which means I took plenty of photos… I will put some

Daisy stands one its own but it is still so strong!

Daisy stands one its own but it is still so strong!

through this Blog because I love sharing them with you) and the dog came along too, when I got outside I told myself that i’m not going to walk down the same path as usual i’m going to try something new because why not make a change? Yes this may be about a walk I went on but I bet some way you can relate to what I am saying… whether it will be choosing which path to take when school finishes or even where to move or which friends are the real ones or who to go to when you need someone… I could go on and on because there are so many paths and decisions to make as you go through life.

Sometimes its better to take that jump in your life and do something different but sometimes its better to stick  to what you know and what you have learnt from mistakes in the past. Before you make those tough decisions in life don’t rush or regret, DO what you love and is right for you and YOUR dreams.

Conquer the challenges that come at you and become who you dream to be. Don’t let anyone take control of your life, live life to its full and enjoy it because it is true that you only get one chance!

A group of little seeds who once were all joined together... in the end they float down their own paths and take on the future!

A group of little seeds who once were all joined together… in the end they float down their own paths and take on the future!

The part in my life called school is nearly over I have finally left the prison that I was kept in for 5 years to complete my GCSE’s and make amazing friends and I really did make those special friends… only around 5-6 of them but they are true friends the ones that I can count on and turn to when I need someone and I hope to keep them close even though we are all going on a walk down our different paths we will still keep contact!

It’s only nearly over because even though I  have completed my GCSE’s it is now the waiting game for my results which I am nervous but also at the same time really excited for. After my results I will have a new path to start which will include hard challenges that I will be ready to face! But it will also be lots of fun because college is a place where I can be myself and do something that I love and I cant wait to start!!!

Good luck to all to all of you with whatever choices you make!

Be Back soon,

Libby x


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