Guess what i have been up too…?

Now if you have read most of my other Blogz you have probably already guessed what I have been up too.. PHOTOGRAPHY! Of course 🙂 I have also done a lot of other things but I have mainly been trying different ideas and skills with my photography, so that I can be prepared for when I start college!! I really can not believe that I, myself will (fingers crossed) be starting college in September 😀

The other day I had to help my brother with making some emotes of our pets faces for his job, once I made them for him it gave me the urge to do more shoots of our animals since they came out so well!

Our dog Treacle was quite photogenic, she really could pose for these photos as long as she knew she was getting a treat at the end..

Here is one of my favorites from the shoot!

Here is one of my favorites from the shoot!

on the other hand our scruffy adorable cat Honey wouldn’t sit still, if she saw the dreamies in my hand she just moved towards me and the camera so it was a struggle… but when I uploaded the photos and saw a certain shot and I couldn’t have asked for a better final photo!

This is the best!

This is the best!

This is only 2 out of the photos that I took, so if you would like to check out a few more of them then please go over the my photography page!

Also before I go I have made a watermark for my photography and so far I am really happy with how it is looking on my new edits and photos!

If you enjoyed this Blog then please leave a like and comment any great new photography ideas you would like me to try out and put on my next post!

Be back soon,

Libby x


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