So far this Summer! ☀

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer break 😀 If you want to know what I have been up to so far this summer then please keep reading and enjoy!

This summer is going to be the first that will end not going back to a school but to a college which I am so nervous for but also so EXCITED! So I have been shopping for college clothes because I get to wear my own clothes, no uniform which is so amazing and lets everyone be individual and them selves which i love ❤ Since I am stationary mad I have been buying all different little bits and bobs to go in my college bag so I am fully equipped and ready for anything.

A few weeks into the summer prom arrived and it was time to get the dress out and put make up on! It was an amazing night with all my friends and a lovely way to say bye. I had my dream colour dress and it was perfect for the night I felt comfortable and confident which is definitely best for a dancing with friends!

After prom I was taking part in a 24hour live stream that my brother was doing to raise money for the RSCPA, at first there was a few troubles with the stream actually starting but once it got going we kept our promise of 24hours and got through it! The stream was great fun and we raised £600 which is fantastic and the RSPCA really appreciated it 🙂

Delicious BBQ dessert that my dad made for all of us!

Delicious BBQ dessert that my dad made for all of us!

Around the corner from finishing the stream was my 16th birthday! It was spread out through two days because to have people over I had to do it on a Sunday because my birthday was on a Monday which is a working day. On the Sunday I had a BBQ with the closest people to me 🙂 The weather was perfect and I had lots of fun, laughing and enjoying the company 😀

On my actual birthday day we went to a farm because I absolutely love sheep and I got the stroke and feed them! Around 11am there was a piglet race, as you would expect there was loads of younger children cheering quietly for there pig to win but our family was completely different my dad was yelling like it was life or death with his pig it was hilarious and great fun!

the little baby sheep that I met!

the little baby sheep that I met!

After the farm we went home and my mum told me, Emily (my best friend) and my nan to be ready to leave the house at 4pm, non of us knew why we had to be ready by four or where we was going.

Me and Emily got all dressed up with beautiful dresses and make up on still not knowing where we were going. We left the house on time and started heading out and before we knew it we all spotted signs saying “Whittlebury hall” which is a spa place. I was over the moon that my mum was treating me to this because when my mum and dad went there before they said I had to be 18 to go there… my mum obviously told a little white lie and surprised me! It was a wonderful relaxing evening and I defiantly will be going there again! The best part of the spa was the water beds, I had never been on one so it was a weird but amazing experience 🙂 But what made my birthday extra special was the fact that my wounderful and brave nan got into the spa pool with us and this was a big thing for because of past experiences and seeing my nan get into the water and enjoying her self made the evening extra special and brought a huge smile to my face 😀 I am so grateful for my birthday presents and the amazing surprise!

I have a lot more plans that will be happening the rest of the summer which I will be posting on the next Blog! I hope you enjoyed reading what I had been up so so far this summer 🙂

Be Back Soon

Libby x


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