Hey everyone! How are you all?

So I have some exciting news and by the title of this blog you all know what it is… a new lens!!! With the extra birthday money that I got from family and friends I decided to get a lens, I am so happy with the lens that I bought it is a canon zoom lens which is a big upgrade to me since the lens that I already had was just a standard all around lens and it couldn’t zoom that far so I really needed the upgrade 🙂

With this lens I can now do even better shots 🙂 one of the best things that I love with this lens is the fact that if there was a dragonfly on a tree I would be able to capture that moment without having to get close at all and still have a perfect detailed photo at the end. But with my old lens I would have to get really close to be able to get all the detail of the beautiful dragonfly and I would end up scaring it off and not getting a decent sharp photo.

One of the first photos i took with my new camera! :)

One of the first photos i took with my new camera!

I will still be using my old lens because it was good for landscape since it has no zoom so it captures the whole scene i’m trying to shoot but with my new lens it obviously has a large zoom so even when i’m just trying to capture the landscape or any wide scene it wont be able to capture everything unless I stand far away (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) This doesn’t change any view of mine on the new lens I still love it and think it was a great purchase! I will just be taking two lenses out with me when I go on big adventures so i’m able to capture all different kinds of shots which is absolutely great! 😀

I still have a little bit of money left over so I am hoping to buy a camera neck strap just to make it a little bit more mine and unique in a way! I will also like to buy an awesome camera bag because in time I am planning to get more and more lenses so I will need a really good bag to protect and keep everything safe. I will also be looking into buying a battery grip because that is handy and great to have but also really helpful for portrait photos 🙂 The final thing that I would like to buy is a soft box shooting tent this will come in handy with close up and making objects.. stand out a lot more since you will have a plain background !

My new lens has already had a lot of use here are some photos I have taken ….

ladybird watermark

butterfly watermark

This balloon was quite far away and I wanted to see what the writing was so I used my new camera!

This balloon was quite far away and I wanted to see what the writing was so I used my new camera! I also captured to fire in the balloon which is what I love most in the photo.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my little update and great news!

Be Back Soon

Libby x

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