College is taking over my life!?!

Hey guys!

College is taking over my life. I started at the beginning of September and since the first day I stared college I have non-stop done course work (which explains why I haven’t posted in a while)

I have done so much at college… we have our own college blogs which have to be updated almost everyday, sketchbooks that have to be filled with our darkroom, photoshop and practical work.

Being in college plus in my own time because I don’t have to do any other subject, I have learn’t so many more skills in photography. Learning about different photographers has helped too because it has given me great inspiration.

So much has been done at college to go through what I have been up too but here are a few photos that I have taken that are my favourites.

One of the tasks that we had is to capture the things known as “ugly” and make them beautiful. This was my final piece for that task 🙂


Another task that I really enjoyed was going out and capturing the natural beauty in something completely ugly. So I found an old flower pot which was full of old cigarettes with  a beautiful tiny life of a plant growing within all of the rubbish

flower smoke u-nWe are now coming to the end of most of our course work for our first assignment which is “The Self” so we are starting on our final piece and an idea that I have is using reflections to show my emotions and feelings that I get. So I started doing a test shoot to help me get ideas for what I should do and so far I have taken a photo of my eye and then using photoshop I will edit an emotion of mine into my iris… (I will soon be doing a blog which will show you in more detail what I am hoping to do for my final piece.)


In my last Photoshop lesson, we had to create a story about ourselves using three photos. My story was about me growing up wondering what to be when I am older, and then when I became a teenager, my mum started doing photography and I would go out and watch and help her capture something beautiful as she always does, which inspired me to try it out and that’s when I decided I was going to make something out of this and do it as a career. So I followed my dreams, and in the last photo I edited some of my favourite photos coming out of a lens to show that I am building my career up and producing photos, therefore gaining confidence in my work.

my story

Overall the beginning of college has been amazing! I have made great friends and I’m really progressing with my photography!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x

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