Where has December gone? & 2016 Blog Plans

Hey guys! Where has December and this year gone?!? I still feel like I have just come back from my holiday in April and starting my exams… I still
cannot believe that I passed my exams and that I’m in college AND its been 3-4 months! Its such a weird change becoming independent and
getting on with things by myself.

I do enjoy the independence because I feel that I can just get on with my work how I complete tasks best and the way that I like to do it without teachers looking over my shoulder… and telling me to do things that I’m not a fan off.

This whole year has just flown by, one thing after the other was thrown at me. Its only a few days till Christmas.. like.. I cant even believe that! I feel that as I grow up and now that I have a job I have to buy presents myself and actually go out and shop for lots of people which I think makes Christmas break go sooo fast.

The past week I have really been getting into the Christmas spirit and making my room have slight touches of Christmas… So I had to
go one step further and do a Christmassy animal/pet photoshoot!

My cat was so easy to photograph because she just fell asleep so the hat just made her snuggle up even more so it worked perfectly. She also found the wrapping of the candy canes really interesting which made a good photo.


My dog, on the other hand, just wanted to play tug of war with the Christmas hat 😀 I know its not the best photo but I thought it was funny with the first photo.

and my hamster kept climbing into the tree and trying to eat the
decorations… so I  didn’t get many of him the best one that I did get of him was quite cute but he had just woke up so his ears were down, but I think that it is still really cute 🙂

Starting college and only having to focus on one subject has really given me great opportunities for 2016. The spare time that I now have has given me time to think of ways to get myself more out and into the world.

In a previous Blog I spoke about starting a YouTube channel for my work and vlogging my journeys… which is something that I will be starting in 2016. But lately I have been thinking lots and lots about my blog because, I enjoy writing about things that happen in my life and just generally writing to you soooo… I am going to start something I haven’t done. Starting on the 1/01/16 all the way to 31/12/2016 I will be doing a 2016 diary on here, and everyday I will post on My Random Life blog, whether it be long or short, just a nice blog each day. Also in each blog diary a photo will be included which will be the highlight of that day. If this makes any sense at all 😀 By the end of the year I will have a huge collection of photos from each day and I will create a video for my YouTube channel which will include all of the photos from my 2016 diary to finish of the year.

I am so excited to do this because, well 1 I love photography and I go out pretty much every day with my camera so it will be lovely to share what I capture with you. 2 since I am in college I feel like I should start getting more out in the world, so this could help because people may find it quite interesting?? we will see 🙂

So much is going to happen next year and I cannot wait to just get out there and go for everything that is thrown my way!

I hope that you all have a wonderful and magical Christmas! and an even better new years 🙂

Merry Christmas to all

Be Back Soon

Libby x



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