2016 Diary: 002 – 2015 Left Overs

Hey Guys, I hope your all having a great start to this new year! Let me know in the comments 🙂

Its the second day of 2016 which meant that we are still in the process of tidying away and taking down all of the Christmas and new years leftovers… I don’t know about you but when we decorate out Christmas tree we hang loads of small candy canes, as well as other decorations up. We had a lot of candy canes left over so I decided to let my creativity kick in and create something out of them for a photo. There was just enough to create my name so, I thought it would be great for the photo for today’s Blog diary post.


In a previous Blog I mentioned starting a YouTube channel in 2016. Well… as you all know it is now 2016 sooo… I have been making a few plans for some videos for my channel. I have yet to create my channel, finish recording and then edit the videos. I’m not too sure when I will be posting my first video because I want it to be a certain date. But it will be soon and I will keep you up to date, so you know when I have uploaded my first video!

Today I was also planning to go out with my dog and take some photos, but when I got ready the weather took a turn and it is getting worse. So I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a much brighter day for photos and adventures 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my second diary Blog of 2016.

Be Back Soon,

Libby x




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