2016 Diary: 005 – Being worried and the mystery

Yesterday after I posted my blog we had to take my dog, Treacle to the vets. She really wasn’t herself so we knew something was wrong! Her head was continuously down and she wouldn’t let you touch around her face/mouth. We took her to the vets straight away and they said that she needed to have an operation ASAP and get some teeth taken out because, she must have hit something face first and hurt her mouth/jaw? It’s still a mystery for what happened to her…

We had a call today from the vets and they told us the operation went very successful! The “badish” news is that she had to have 14 TEETH taken out!! Fourteen! To me that is soooo many! I can’t believe it 😦 We are going to pick her up at 6pm tonight, which is great πŸ˜€ I will tell you how everything goes in tomorrows blog.

Other than being worried all day and questioning myself for what happened to Treacle, I have had a pretty decent day! More photography and more writing, but I enjoy it a lot because its something I love!

In today’s Photoshop lesson we started learning about “cutting the background” In case your not too sure what that is, it’s basically changing the background of an image but, making it really realistic.

We had our full length shots of ourselves taken (because we can only work on photos of ourselves.) and then we opened it in Photoshop and learn’t lots of different tools and tips… which will be helpful when we create our final pieces. I won’t go through everything that I done on Photoshop because, I would probably go on and on… I would like to show you what I edited but I’m not to confident with posting photos of myself up yet :/ But I’m really happy with the final result and I’ve learn’t some greats tips!

For our last lesson we had to research two photographers; Julia Margaret Cameron and Alec Soth. Who we will be meeting next Monday on a trip to London! I’m quite excited even though I have never heard of both the photographers, and I’ve never really looked into work like theirs. It’s just interesting to learn about different styles of work…

Heres an example of each photographers work:

I hope you have enjoyed reading my fifth blog of 2016?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


3 thoughts on “2016 Diary: 005 – Being worried and the mystery

  1. Wow, fourteen IS A LOT! How many in all do dogs usually have? The incident does sound quite bizarre. Will they not be replaced? How will he chew? I don’t keep pets so I don’t really know much about them.

    But I do know some stuff on photoshopping! Why don’t you make one of someone else and then show it to us?

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    • I know right! I think dogs have 42 teeth? and yeah its so odd :/ We can’t afford to have them replaced because it already costed us a fortune for what she has had done… The vet told us not to worry because dogs don’t really chew much, they sort of just swallow instead of chew, and then beg for more aha πŸ˜€ Good idea with using someone else in the photo! I’ll have to take a photo of a friend out of college or something but I’ll try remember so that I can show you! πŸ™‚

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