2016 Diary: 009 – Productive day, pet photoshoot and addictive shows.

For once I actually woke up early on a Saturday. I was up by 9am and I got myself some breakfast and got on with two essays for college, both now complete πŸ˜€

Straight after finishing my essays I decided to set up a mini pet photoshoot because, I just think my cat Honey is so cute and photo worthy πŸ™‚ and my hamster Cookie, is just a fluff ball πŸ˜€ All of the photos that I took are random and I just kept shooting because Honey can have some great facial expressions.

After the pet photoshoot I thought that I would start designing my new sketch book for the new assignment at college. Before I started designing my sketch book I thought I would search for a new series to watch on netflix, since I just completed watching “Orphan Black” Such a fantastic series, I recommend if you like sciency (if that’s even a word?) /AMAZING shows.

I have found a new series to watch… ‘Jericho’ Please let me know if you have watched it? I have only watched 3 episodes and I could probably say that I’m already addicted :/ Is that bad? haha xD It’s so good! It is about survival in a town called Jericho after a nuclear attack. So much has happened already and it is so interesting! All my spare time is now going to be swallowed up by netflix… again xD

I am now going to go completely sort my room. I’m trying to make a lot more space for a huge wall map, so that I can plan different places I would like to travel in the future πŸ™‚

I hope you have enjoyed another diary blog of 2016?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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