2016 Diary: 010 – First double digit of 2016 & Lazy day

10.01.2016 The first double digit of the new year! I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like its only the 3rd of January or something, and I don’t feel like I have gone back to college yet. It’s so weirdddd…

Speaking of college, tomorrow I have a trip πŸ˜€ In a previous blog I spoke about two photographers; Alec Both and Julia Margaret Cameron. We are going on a trip to see their work… I’m not too sure what we will be doing but I’m quite intrigued with Alec Soth’s work.

Today has been a complete lazy day, it’s a Sunday so why not?!? All I have planned to do today is sort through all my photos and get myself ready for the trip tomorrow.

While I was looking through my photos I found the first ever photos that I took with my old camera. I hardly knew anything about editing, I would just take the photo and be happy with how it came out. There was not “upping” of the contrast… I kind of miss not wanting to put my photos straight onto Photoshop and just onto Facebook an Flickr. Here are a few photos (The top middle was my first ever!)


I love looking back at my old photos because I realise how much I have improved… and it can make e feel quite confident with my work πŸ™‚

Yesterday night we order prints of the wedding photos for the album that I am creating for the married couple πŸ˜€ The photos should arrive at some point tomorrow, so I’ll be able to get everything done for them πŸ™‚ I also ordered some of my own work to be printed because I am designing a new portfolio for my photos. I would like to have separate porfolios or sections for different styles of photography to show people. So if someone wanted to see my (for example) food photography, I would be able to just get that book out and show them. I won’t have to flick though to find it. I’m quite a creative person so I want to design each book differently for the photos that I am trying to show. If that made any sense?

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s tenth blog diary of 2016?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


3 thoughts on “2016 Diary: 010 – First double digit of 2016 & Lazy day

  1. I get you! I can’t believe it’s already 11 days in to the new year!

    I don’t usually like editing my photos either. But oh, I LOVE those old shots you took. They’re so pretty! Maybe you’re saying that it lacks an artistic element to it? Sometimes art doesn’t HAVE to have a meaning behind it, sometimes all it needs is to look beautiful(that’s enjoyment, right? So it still served a purpose 😁).

    I think the portfolios organized according to a certain topic is a swell idea! Sounds like a very exciting project πŸ˜„.


    • Thank you for liking my old photos πŸ™‚ and yes I agree you could say that it lacks an artistic element… and yes, well for me, it is enjoyable no matter what πŸ˜€ I just love taking photos.
      I can’t wait to get started with the portfolio! it’ll be great πŸ˜€

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