2016 Diary: 012 – Great delivery & Addicting songs

My photos that I ordered ARRIVED!! I came home to find them waiting in a parcel for me 😀 I’m so happy! And the quality is really nice. I thought I would try photographing them in the different sections, but I completely failed because there was so much light reflecting on them. Also I wanted to photograph then looking down so I could get them all in, but my shadow was in them. It didn’t work out but I’m still so happy that they came! I didn’t think the photos would arrive this quick.

College was an OK day today. I wish I had a better day but we all have our down days right? But I’m alright because my photos arrived AND I’m addicted to soooo many songs, as well as shows. If I could I would watch my shows and listen to music at the same time but I don’t think that would work to well?? Haha xD I’m not usually a fan of One Direction but there latest album! My favourite songs are; History, End of the day, wolves, A.M, Olivia an Never enough. I’m addicted to the whole album to be honest 😛 I also love Pentatonix, I seriously can’t pick my favourite songs but check them out?! They are just so interesting to watch, and the fact they can create music by themselves is just wow 😀

In today’s first lesson we continued focusing on equality and  thinking of photo ideas that we could all try out. Our task was to find an equality quote and take two photos around the college to go with it. Then using the quote and two photos, create a quadriptych (in case your unsure to what that is, it’s three photos put together in a line of three, with borders between them but sometimes there is no borders. Its kind of hard to explain but once you understand it, it makes a lot of sense, obviously) The quote that I chose was – “No two leaves are alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches in which they grow” – M.K. Gandhi.

I chose this quote because to me it is about your unique self and being who you are and having the equality we all have the right for. Also we all come from the same thing but we then all separate into our own directions, like the branches of a tree. If this makes any sense? Haha xD  Here’s the photo I made in our little lesson

quote quadriptych

It was a very simple edit, but that’s what I like. I chose to keep one colour to go through the whole image, from the photos to the text. I chose a green/blue colour because I thought that it links everything together. I love the first image because its so different and I like how, to me, it shows that even though we all go different directions we are all still equal and work together. Also the way I edited it is so eye catching because its kind of like 3D colours but its not 3D. I then made my second photo have a green tint to the sky so that it goes with the other photo. I also made the crab apples on the tree have a much stronger colour to them, since they were a bit “dead” looking because it is winter. Overall I really like the final image 😀

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, let me know?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


2 thoughts on “2016 Diary: 012 – Great delivery & Addicting songs

  1. I love 1D’s new album, too! It’s quite different compared to their older ones, but I like it! My favorite ones are:
    What A Feeling
    Made In The AM
    End of The Day
    Love You Goodbye
    Drag Me Down

    Oh, just about every song!

    I’ve heard Pentatonix and I totally agree with you on how amazing they are. They’re darn impressive!

    I’m also pretty hooked on K-Pop. Have you heard any? I would recommend the bands, Exo, BTS, Big Bang and VIXX. I’ll probably write a post on that so you can check them out when I do!

    Also, I love the work you did. What a beautiful quote!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha all of the songs are amazing! Awrh thank you 🙂 and I will have to check all of them out, I have never heard of them so it will be something new. I will keep an eye out for your post 🙂 I look forward to it!

      Liked by 1 person

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