2016 Diary: 013 – Work and more work

Work work and more work!

Today has been quite a hectic day for me. The colleague that I usually work next to was off sick 😦 so I had to do all of her jobs, as well as my own. Which honestly I didn’t mind doing because I like to keep busy at work and just get on with different tasks thrown at me

One of the tasks that I had to do today was to bake a chocolate drop muffin cake, which I got a little photo of 🙂 They arn’t the best of photos because I don’t have a great phone camera but I thought I would still show you.

The main job that I do at work is the baking of all the desserts… Also when it is the first lunch, which is for the years 5-6, I serve all of them and then when it is the seniors and teachers lunch, I then serve them on the hot deli bar. I do enjoy my job because I love baking, talking and metting people… Also the team that I work with are so lovely and we all get along, so its great company too 🙂 I like serving the younger years because they (most of them) are so cute and they use their manners so well, also I’m quite a bubbly person so I get along with children quite well 🙂

I have become a lot more confident in myself because of this job. I used to be very shy and just kept things to myself… But now I talk to everyone, get on with every job and I will happily serve customers without getting all red haha 😀 I have to talk to customers in this job so I guess it made me put myself out there which built up my confidence a lot.

I have settled in so well at work and I’m so happy to get in a job with amazing people and environment, also the pay is brilliant which is always a bonus 🙂

I have done quite a big shift today compared to normal, so I got home really late which makes me tired because, I left when it was dark this morning and then I left work when it was dark so, I feel like I should be sleeping xD I could sleep for days! Only two more days and its the weekend again so I can’t complain.

I hope you liked todays little blog?! Please let me know if you are enjoying the daily blogs from my 2016 diary so far! They are all different because my blogs are just an everyday diary of what I have done in my day, sometimes I have time to go out.. but other days it is just a work or college day, so it may be a short blog but I still like to post because, that is what my diary blogs are about 🙂 You all get an insight of what my life is like at this age and what I get up to… so I hope you have enjoyed all my blogs so far and the many more to come 😀

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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