2016 Diary: 016 – Getting Creative & Treating Myself

I have never really treated myself to anything before, usually I would just save and save  but… today I thought I would!

I got my first pay slip the other day so I decided that it’s about time I treat myself for once 🙂 also I needed to buy lots of different creative bits and bobs to decorate the wedding album and my scrapbooks for my photography work.

When I got to the shops I saw a clothes sale so I decided to treat myself to a “few” outfits 😀 I’m so happy with what I brought, especially with the coat/top that I got because l have wanted to buy it for a long time but it was £35 last time I went to buy it… but this time when I looked it was in the sale and the price was ONLY £10 so I just threw it in the basket haha 😀

In a previous blog I spoke about organising my photos into categories of different styles of photos that I have done for different scrapbooks. It will be so organised and clear to show the styles of photography that I can do. So today I brought loads of arts and crafts to decorate the wedding album from the wedding that I photographed at the end of last year, and for my own personal photos. I also printed the rest of my nature/wildlife photography so that I can start my book for that. There was such a good deal for the photos – 50 prints for £7.50! The quality is fantastic too 🙂 I got quite a few deals today so I feel good about all my purchases.

When we got home we laid out all of the photos and art things I brought and started planning the design out for the wedding album… Here is a photo of the first page. we stuck in the wedding invitation and then we included the wedding confetti coming out of the invite. I think it is so pretty and it is a great introduction for their album! Don’t you think?


I also took a photo of the nature photos that I printed off today 🙂 There is so many colours going on, I love it!


I am really happy with the prints and cute little decorations I brought for my books today too 🙂 I think one of my favourite things I got today was the washi tape. I found different washi tape to match the different scrapbooks, for the nature photos I got some tape which had a pattern on it of all nature things… and then for the new travel scrapbook (which I got today) for all of my adventure photos, I found washi tape with like postage stamps and symbols on it… I thought that this was perfect! I got a bit carried away in the shop that I found them… But they work perfectly so I’m happy about that even though it might be quite sad that I like to get all creative with all of my scrapbooks haha xD I just want to make them my own and I feel that it shows my creativity both in and out of photography 🙂

Once I have started completing parts of my different books I will take photos and show you all if you want? Please let me know!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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