2016 Diary: 017 – SNOWWW ❄

Last night it snowed! I can’t believe that snow has finally fallen from the sky!! It hasn’t for a few years here, so I was quite excited when I saw it out my window. I doubt that it will last long so all I have really done today is take photos 🙂

Here are some from last night because I didn’t think it would settle at all so I needed to take some photos 🙂 I sat on my window sill for a while taking photos but it was quite hard because it was dark and I couldn’t really use flash because of my neighbours windows being right in front of where I was sat.

I really like the photo on the left, its like stars in a night sky 🙂 They arn’t the best photos but I needed evidence it snowed haha 😀

I woke up today and straight away I looked out my window to find the snow had settled 🙂 But it has slowly been turning into mush the whole day 😦 So I went out with the dog to get more photos!

I thought I’d show you a mixture of most the photo’s that I took today. I love the photo of the birds about to fly away because of the different positions that each bird is in, also the colour of the grass really makes the birds stand out. I really like the photo of the cola can against the snow as well. To me cola is for the summer, so seeing it against the snow which represents winter, makes the photo more interesting. If you look between the cola can and the snow you can see the red coming through which I think adds to the photo.

One of the final photos that I took today was this…


This, I think, is my favourite photo of today because with the temperature thing (I don’t know what it is called xD) if there are no colours  at the bottom it means its really cold, so that shows it was quite a chilly day. And then behind the temperature thing you can see the snow. So I think that it works really well together which is why I like it. Let me know what you think 🙂

If you have enjoyed today’s blog please leave a like 🙂 Comment and tell me if you have had any snow?

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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