2016 Diary: 018 – Headaches and surrealism

Today I woke up ready for the day. I wasn’t tired or anything… which was weird for a Monday morning because I find it hard to fall asleep Sunday nights. But hay I shouldn’t complain for not being tired for once.

This terms assignment is about surrealism, equality and issues of concern. Today we started researching surrealism, which is one of my favourite styles of photography/art. One of the tasks that we had to complete was to create a surreal photo BUT without using PhotoShop, this came across quite difficult at first, but I just went around the college and photographed the most random things, which worked 🙂 and I came out with this…

water surreal

I really like this photo because surrealism is about creating the odd/impossible… and when most people looked at this photo today they questioned what it was and what’s going on. This is the kind of response that I wanted from a surreal photo, so I guess I did good at creating surrealism without PhotoShop. In case you couldn’t tell what I photographed… it’s water coming out of a water fountain, which I then rotated upside down (we we’re allowed to crop and rotate, but thats all.)

After lunch we had darkroom 🙂 I do love the darkroom lesson’s because I have never done film photography before college so I do learn a lot. But damn it gives me the worst headaches because I have to go in and out of light and dark rooms to enlarge, develop and check my photos and test strips… So I get the worst headaches. Also it’s a 4 hour lesson and 4 hours of lightness and darkness again and again kills my brain haha 😀

Anyway I’m going to go finish some of my sketchbook work for college and then rest and hope that my headache goes when I wake up. I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

 Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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