2016 Diary: 020 – No manners & sketchbook work

Prep, bake, serve, clean, edit, type, post. This is what I have done today 😀

Wednesday is my day off college which means work! As I have said before, I honestly don’t mind it. I really enjoy work 🙂 Today I baked some scrumptious scones which are going to be eaten for a tea part sort of gathering thing at work later tonight. I was so pleased with how the scones came out, golden brown top with light fluffy centres.

Today I was serving the children at the beginning of lunch, as I always do, and usually the majority of them have amazing manners and it is much appreciated when they say please and thank you… But today some sort of “manner monster” as the teachers used as an excuse, took over 90% of the children. Also at lunch if the children are vegetarian… they get given different coloured cards so that we know what we are serving them, but there was this one boy who had every single colour card hidden in this pocket, so that he could see what meal he liked best and have that one… which was an issue because we count the meals up and make sure there is the right amount of sliced meat and jacket potato’s… so I gave him the vegetarian meal because he hard that card (he isn’t a vegetarian BTW) when I turned to serve the next meal he put all of his cards in the bucket at the end. I was so shocked when I saw him do that in the corner of my eye. I admit he is a smart kid but he shouldn’t do that, because the child who was actually vegetarian that I had to serve a bit later, didn’t get her meal because the boy took it. We had to sort out a meal for the girl in the end but it was so annoying that he done that, and it wasn’t fair of the girl 😦

Overall I did enjoy work! I always do 😀

When I got home I got on with some work in my sketchbook for college. I needed to start writing up for my equality film photos and filling in the pages for my research for the three topics I am choosing from.

I thought I would  take a photo of one of the film photos that I enlarged and developed for today’s blog. I’m not the best at developing film because I’m not a professional, obviously. But I really like the one that I’m going to show you. We had to photograph equality using film cameras but focusing on a main point within equality, if that makes sense? I chose relationships as on of my focus points.


I really like this photo because it doesn’t show the identity of the people who are in the photo, just that they are holding hands which shows they could be in a relationship… I didn’t want to show faces because I wanted to try and show that we are all equal no matter who dates who. Also not seeing their faces can make people question who is in the photo, whether it’s boy and boy, girl and girl, boy and girl… The person who is looking at this photo makes that decision but we are all equal. I need to try and explain this photo a lot clearer, which I will do in my book. But I thought I would share it with you since I can’t really show you my film photo’s like I do with my digital ones.

I have a lot more film work which is from last term. It is a completely different topic but the photo are not as good because it was my first experience with a film camera and developing film, so it’s more like test shots.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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