2016 Diary: 022 – meringues & ice skating

Today has been a pretty good Friday 🙂 I got up, went college, completed work, went out for lunch with my brother and watched lots more of The walking dead. I’m addicted, season 4 already 😀

College was only for two hours, so I stuck my head down and finished writing up for my film photos and title pages. I also found another surreal photographer, I think he is my new favourite! Check out some of his work, his names Erik Johansson.

Johanaason’s work is amazing! It makes me want to pick surrealism as my topic even more.

Friday is the day my brother picks me up from college and we go get some lunch together and hang out. When we got home after getting some lunch, we decided we was going to go ice skating. Pretty random but such a great decision! We picked up a few of my brothers friends on the way, which made the night out even more fun and “banterful”

I hadn’t been skating in around 2-3 years, so at first I was wobbling everywhere haha xD After a while I started getting used to skating again and got the hang of it. It was great and I would really like to go again 🙂

We arrived home to home home-made meringues 🙂 They were covered in cinnamon and coco power, they were delicious!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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