2016 Diary: 023 – Delivering the wedding album

I decided that today I would have a day to myself. Lately all I have done is extra work and write ups… So I woke up, put the walking dead on and watched another 3 episodes 🙂 I’m now half way through season 4. When I finally got out of bed I went downstairs to find my parents watching the walking dead aswell… This family has been over taken by the walking dead! Its great haha 😀

If you have read previous blogz then you will know that new years eve I done some wedding photography, we finally finished creating and decorating their album 🙂 So later this afternoon we went and delivered the finished album… They loved it! I was so happy to see the look on their faces as they looked through at all the photos. They said that they didn’t expect anything like this.. It was more than what they expected, and they were over whelmed. A few tears fell… Good tears though 🙂

We also took a nice little gift along with the wedding album..


My dad’s famous home-made white fudge brownie 😀 It looked delicious and beautiful. They loved that as well!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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