2016 Diary: 024 – Travel plans πŸ—Ί

Another week has gone by and it’s nearly the end of January! I can’t believe how quick this month has gone, it feels like it has only just been new years. I still keep writing 2015 instead of 2016 in my work books…

Today I have been planning a few things and noting things down, because lately I have had a lot of things of my mind that I needed to get down onto paper and start organise everything a bit more.

One of the things I have been waiting to do and sort out is planning out places that I would like to visit once I save up enough money. For weeks I have been searching online for the perfect wall map but I couldn’t find one at all, then the other day my mum came home from work and surprised me with a giant wall map! Plus a UK wall map because I would like to travel the UK first and then the rest of the world a bit later on. I finally put up my two wall maps today so I have started pinning out places which I am planning to go too.

In our house we have a glass globe sort of thing, which I am always looking at and I like to pick a random place on the globe… and then research a bit on that place to see if there is something that I would defiantly like to go and see at that particular place.

the world

I literally have fallen in love with this photo! I needed a photo to go with today’s blog because I knew that I would be talking about my travel plans, and I chose to take a photo of the globe because I like to use it to choose random places… also it is so pretty and interesting! All I done for editing was add a bit a contrast. I don’t know what it is, I think its just so eye catching and beautiful πŸ™‚

I’ve only started planning my UK travel plans, not the world plans yet, because it is where I will be travelling around first. I’m not too sure where I’m going to start, so all I have been doing is researching different places… I was thinking of just starting at the top and working my way down? Or going to the “lowest” of places and then the “highest” and seeing how different people live..? Give me your opinion and tell places you have been that I could check out!?

For Christmas I got a beautiful album from my Uncle, so I also started that today. It is a family album with different sections inside; family members, pets, house keys, journeys, celebrations… So over time I will take more photos to stick into the album. I think it was such a lovely present because I will be able to look back at it and see all of the different places that I went with my family… πŸ™‚

Back to college tomorrow as another weekend has come to as end 😦 I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x




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