2016 Diary: 025 – Large format cameras!

On a Monday I have darkroom as one of my lessons, its a four hour lesson but it feels like half an hour. I really enjoy darkroom because it’s something that I have never done so I find it very interesting.

Usually we work in darkroom for the full four hours, but today we got the large format cameras out. I only got a few photos on my phone so there not the best… but I wanted to show you what we worked with!

It’s was so cool to learn how to load a large format film into the camera, focus it and take the photo… it was harder than I thought it would be, but I got the hang of it after a while. Also when you are focusing the camera though the ground glass screen everything is upside down and back to front. It is so interesting and weird, but great to learn about.

Earlier on this year my class went on a trip to London to visit a gallery of two photographers, one being Julia Margaret Cameron, which is the photographer who we had to work in the style of with the large format film photos. We had to choose one of the portrait photos that Cameron had done and re-create it. This was such a interesting and fun task because of all the setting up we had to do with the cameras… I feel that with the “older” film cameras its more hands on, and you really have to get to know your camera and understand it. Which is great πŸ˜€

In my other lesson today, which was digital, we started looking more into issues of concern (one of the topics that we are focusing on this term.) We had to produce four photo’s in the style of Gillian Wearing. Here are a few examples of Wearing’s work:

Wearing would get random strangers to write something down about themselves, that you wouldn’t know by looking at them… So as our task for today’s digital lesson, still going along the lines of different issues of concern, we had to get random people around the college to write something on a piece of paper which they have been bullied for or stereotyped because of… Here are the four which I photographed

steriotype photo.jpg

They are all extremely random but we asked them to put down what people have bullied them for… It was quite interesting to see what most people would write down.

It has been a very productive day at college, I got a lot done in both my lessons πŸ™‚ I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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