2016 Diary: 027 – The beauty of Dragon Fruit

Another Wednesday, another day at work 😀

Today we had a VIP lunch to prepare, there was a lot of different platters… to complete. I mainly worked on the fruit platters, and one of the many fruits that I had to prepare was dragon fruit, I had never tried or seen one so it was different to work with but it was one of the most beautiful fruits that I have ever seen. It was only a garnish which meant it wasn’t going to be eaten, so I was allowed to take it home and photograph it! I had to 🙂 I found it so beautiful! The texture of the inside of the fruit, reminds me a lot of a kiwi… It’s a weird sort of flavour? But I kind of like it.


There are so many fruits that I can’t wait to try when I travel to different places… The photos will be amazing too 🙂 which is always a bonus haha 😀

I had my health, safety and hygiene exam at work today, I have been revising all week for it, so I think that I have done ok 🙂 I wouldn’t say I have done bad but because I don’t know the marking scheme… I can’t say I’ve done good. But I do feel pretty confident about it. Most of it was common sense… Let’s hope I have done great 🙂 When I get the results I will let you know!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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