2016 Diary: 034 – The pain is real…

Before I start today’s blog I just want to say I’m sorry that I failed to post yesterday 😦 I came home with the biggest migraine and I just wanted to be in complete darkness so I wasn’t able to write the blog…

If you have read previous blogs then you will know that today was another work day 🙂 which I was looking forward too as always because its such a good job and the staff are all so lovely.

It was quite a crazy day because a few new rules have been made… and a new menu has been added, so in the morning we had to prep, cook and serve a full English breakfast, as well as serving the normal breakfast to the primary too… It was very packed and crowded but we got everything done and complete on time 😀

After we served and tidied up breakfast, we then had to prep for lunch. It felt like lunch had already happened and that it was time to go home because of how busy I had been all morning… But I was okay… Until I burnt my arm 😦 I was getting a metal tray/dish out of a red hot oven (I had a oven cloth on BTW) But the cloth wasn’t covering enough of my arm and the tin slipped right onto where my skin wasn’t covered… It was only in contact with my skin for about 1 second yet it went pale and just EW! I put it straight under cold water, which made my arm/hand completely numb so the pain was taken away 😀 But not for long.. as soon as I started serving on hot deli the pain kicked back it, but what felt like 10x worse because it was under the hot lamp 😦 and burns don’t stop burning… So having my arms and hands under the lamps serving added to the heat and pain… The pain is slowly fading, but whenever the air gets to it or something slightly touches it, the pain is reallll!! I really hope that it doesn’t scar (fingers crossed) but we will see.

Other than that I did have a good day at work, as usual 😀

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog?!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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