2016 Diary: 034 – Working in the studio

Today I only have a two hour lesson which finished at 11am, So I thought I would book in the studio and do a test shoot for my final piece this term.

The idea that I have thought of is to do half an half photo of someone with a straight face one side, and on the other half of the photo I just tell the model so pull whatever face they want… It could be silly, funny, relaxed… It’s entirely up to them. I’m not too sure how i’m going to lay the edits out yet… But I will show you when I finish 🙂

I have been enjoying doing my 2016 diary blog but there is one thing that I’m struggling with and want to know your opinion on. As I’m a college student and work on my days off, I don’t have the most exciting life so some days when I go to write a blog I don’t have much to say and I feel like it isn’t interesting… So I was thinking of blogging on my main days of the week?? Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends if I have done anything blog worthy. I think this would be better because if anything does happen on the days I don’t blog it would make the days I do blog a lot more interesting because I will update you on what I have been up too… Please let me know your opinion on this!?

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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