2016 Diary – What’s happened?

A lot has happened since I last posted a blog… I have been thinking about how I will be publishing my blogs, I decided (in my last blog) that I would post on my main days, but I have been thinking about that decision and I have now decided that I will post every week… But I wont have a certain day. I might post 5 days one week and only twice the next, it depends what I have been up to.

The past week at college has been quite a busy one :/ It was the end of our first half term back at college since the Christmas break. We have been given an extended check list to finish over our week off, so that is what I will mainly be up too. I have a few test shoots to do for my final piece, which is due in around 4 weeks. I am really happy with my ideas and concepts that I have thought off 🙂 I will show some of the progress in my next blog!

My nan has come down to stay for the week to spend some time with me, because my parents have gone off the Germany to visit some family which are staying down there. I enjoy my nan’s company a lot because  she is so easy to talk too about anything and everything 😀 So she really helps me clear my mind!

With photography I don’t really have a specific preferred style, I like a mixture; close up, nature, sport, street, landscape, abstract… I have been photographing a lot of different things, objects, people… Here are some photos that I have taken recently

My favourite photo out of all that I have shown you in today’s blog is defiantly my eye! I think it is just so WOW! The colours and sharpness of the photo really stick out to me. Let me know your favourite?!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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