2016 Diary – My Week Off

Having a week off has allowed me to rethink and refresh myself with home situations and college work.

I have near enough caught up with the majority of my college work now, I just need to finish off one more test shoot and write an overall outcome for what I will be photographing for my final piece for this assignment.

In my previous blog I said that I will share some of my test shoot results. One of the test shoots that I have done this week off is for the topic ‘Issues of Concern’ The issues that I have been focusing on is eating disorders. It is something that sticks out to me quite a bit, so I thought I could try and connect to the meaning of the photo. For the photo I wanted to have someone trying to eat but they’re not really there… If that makes any sense? Here’s one of the photos that I have nearly finished


I really like how my test shoot has turned out. The photos are not finished  because I only wanted to roughly see what my final piece may look like. Let me know what you think?

Most of the week I have been catching up with a lot of college work, and completing tasks. Also finishing, yet another TV series – AWKWARD. Such a good show, I really think that people in my age group can relate, which is why I got so stuck into it.

Overall my week off has been really refreshing! Now back to college!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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