2016 Diary – Braving the red lips & helping out again!

I am a very,  “too myself” kind of girl, I don’t like to stick out and have all the attention on me. But today was different! I decided to brave the red lips and wear something a bit more different, be myself and not worry 😀

It’s weird how something so small like putting on some lip stick or wearing something a little different can really boost your confidence!

I booked the studio at college the other day for me and a friend, it was one of the best studio shoots I have done! The results were beautiful both for my friends work and my own. We worked will jell lighting, something that really catches my eye and makes the photos POP!

Around the beginning of the year I wrote a blog about helping my dad create a poster for work.. It went so well that I have been asked to create another one! I haven’t got the final piece complete yet but I do have the photo that I took which will be the background of the poster…


Do something that makes you different and unique 🙂 Don’t let people put you down and make you change who you are… accept yourself!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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