2016 Diary – First car meet 😬

With photography I don’t really have a specific style or preferred “categorie” that I photograph. I do love macro and animal photography, but I will always try out different styles and give it my best shot! You will never know if you don’t try 😀

Friday (04/03/16) night I had to opportunity to go to a car meet in Wellingborough and do some photography.. So I thought I might as well see what it is like and go for it!

When I got to the car meet I was honestly felt so out of my comfort zone and nervous… because there was quite a few people and I didn’t know what I was really doing to be honest :/ But after a while I realised people actually want me to take photos of their car/s because it’s what they have spent money on and put a load of time and effort into… so I just kept “snapping” away.


To see more of my photos please check out my pages 🙂



I have had some great feedback on my facebook page that has made me feel really confident with the photos that I took! I didn’t really know how to feel about then since it was the first car photography I had ever done… Plus it was at night which does make things a little more challenging when using manual. But getting all of the positive feedback and people asking if I could come again the next meet really helped boost my confidence.

Let me know what you think of the photos!?

Be Back Soon,

Libby x



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