2016 Diary – Something to focus on :)

I finally had my interview for a place at a new college… I GOT IN! I’m so excited for September as I’ll be starting at a new college, studying ‘Animal Management’ and focusing on animal therapy 🙂

I honestly cannot wait to start! I’ve never really learn’t about animal management so it’s going to be something to focus on and really get into!

When we got to the college there was a mini slide show/presentation that we had to watch, which lightly explained some of the topics that we will learn about. Afterwards we got a tour of the ‘animal management’ section of the college… “WOW” was my reaction. Every corner we turned… a new animal, new section, new layout.. everything was amazing and well set out. There is going to be so much to experience and learn about 😀 We had to drive to get to different sections it’s that big of a college.. I’m defo going to get lost haha!

I’ve never wanted a summer to go so fast… I don’t know if that’s bad but I just can’t wait!

In the interview I got asked what “topic” within animal management I would like to focus on. I chose ‘Animal Therapy’. I love the idea of changing an animals life for the better, making them happy and being the reason that they are joyful, enthusiastic and wagging their tails again 🙂 So with animal therapy I will be training animals and working with ones that need that extra loving to bring them out of their skin and into a happier place.

I am honestly so excited to start at this new college!! It’s going to be something new and inspiring with lots and lots to learn and experience 🙂

Small steps, lead to bigger path ways.

Be Back Soon,

Libby x


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