2016 Diary – Off to my nan’s & video plans!

Before my end of July getaway, I’m staying at my nans for a little bit to  spend some quality time with her 🙂

We have quite a few “things” planned for the days that I am here so there are some great blogs coming up 😀 I also have some news on something that I mentioned, I think, the beginning of the year.. I know its been 6-7 months now but I’ve finally been able to afford what I needed to start what I had mentioned.

The “thing” that I mentioned a while back was… starting a YouTube channel! I finally saved up enough to buy myself a GoPro 🙂 I can now record my many adventures to come and share what happens with you guys through videos as well as my blog.

While I’m away at my nan’s I’m going to do a load of test footage with my GoPro so I can practice editing… and test it all out because I’m planning to create my first video while I’m on my end of July getaway, as it’s a completely different place to where I am and there is going to be so much to capture and share with you 😀

I’ll update you through the week on how things are going!

Be Back Soon, 

Libby x


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