2016 Diary – Repacking and having CONTROL.

The last few days of staying at my nans were spent doing a little shopping and chilling out. It’s been lovely to spend some time with my nan, as I don’t get to see her much.

Now I’m back I need to unpack, wash all my clothes then repack as I’m leaving in one day for my end of July getaway 🙂 It’s going to be so relaxing and peaceful! I will be coming back 17 too as it’s my birthday on the 3rd of August.

Someone once said to me “Have CONTROL of the situation”

I was going through a rough time a while ago and recently I have been put in quite a struggled position with decisions and steps that I have had to take. Someone said to me “Have control of the situation” while I was in those situations and since that day,  I think about what billynoname said to me and realise how easy it is to have control and not let things like anxiety… hold you back and pull you down. Even though it is hard, your strength will build up the more you learn that you can take control 🙂

I used to let people walk all over me.. If someone wanted something I would just do it, go out of my way. Things would just go over my head and when something went wrong I would accept a “sorry” and that’s it… no matter how I felt I just ignored it and let things carry on and sadly, it would most likely happen again. I think it just gets to a point where it has happened a tad too much that you actually turn around and say “NO”, you finally decide to do things for yourself… Not in a selfish way but you do start to put yourself first, and actually think what is better for YOU.

I’m leaving tomorrow so my next blog will be in about a weeks time when I’m back from my little getaway 🙂

Be Back Soon,

Libby x 


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