2016 Diary – New member of the family

If you have read my blogs in the past then you will know me well enough to know that by a new member of the family, I actually mean a new PET!

I had this lil’guy for a few weeks now, but I was waiting till he settled in a bit and till I could get some lovely shots of him to shows you 🙂


It took me quite a while to name him.. we had names come up like; Pepsi, Barny, Fella.. But after a while I chose the name Looney. One of my hobbies, as well as photography, is gaming and my characters name has always been ‘Looneyloo’ as that is what my brother named me when he brought me minecraft for my ninth birthday, so it has stuck with me ever since. Also Looney quite suits him, as he is totally crazy and has a hyper hour every night. So I thought this name worked pretty well, his ears also perk up with I call him Looney so I think he likes it too 🙂

I’ve been trying to get quite a few different shots because he has such a cute and interesting personality 🙂 Here are a few of my favourites so far

favourite unny shots

Looney is a Nertherland Dwarf bunny, and just over 2 months old. He gets along with all our other animals which is fantastic as I thought the chickens would go after him… But instead when we let Looney in the garden they all get along and just mind each others business 🙂

Summer is sadly coming to an end for me, but I can’t wait to get back to a scheduled week instead of lounging about! 😀

Be Back Soon,

L x


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