2016 Diary – Adventures with my new lens

Do you ever open up your bank account expecting nothing but then you find out the money fairy was feeling pretty generous that pay day?? Sometimes I don’t realise how much I have actually been working, and then it gets to pay day and all the tiredness, hard work and having to wake up early was worth it!

For a while I have been wanting to add to my collection of lenses.. So after this summers pay day I thought I would treat myself πŸ™‚ I finally brought a 50mm lens!


One of the things that I love about photography other than the results, is APERTURE! I love working in manual and being able to control the aperture of what I’m photographing. If your reading this and thinking “what on earth is aperture?!” then I’ll quickly explain πŸ™‚ It’s basically the blurriness of an image. Say you was photographing a field of flowers but you only wanted to focus on one of the flowers, you would use an aperture of f/2.8 to blur all of the surroundings out, but if you wanted to have all of the flowers in focus you would use an aperture of f/16, to have most of the image sharp as there will be quite a great depth of field. I hope that made some sort of sense? πŸ™‚

I thought I would mess around with being able to use such an amazing aperture with my new lens.. and get some beautiful flower shots πŸ™‚ Both of the photo’s below give you a great example of aperture, in case my little description didn’t make any sense πŸ˜› As you can see both flowers are sharp and in focus, and then the backgrounds are completely blurred out so all the focus is on the flower which makes it stand out.



With getting a new lens… what could be better than going on an adventure to test it out πŸ˜€ Myself and one of my closest friends – Lauren, headed out around 6:30pm so we just caught the sun going down, which was beautiful!

Lauren and I have started working on something for a while and I hope these photos don’t give it away too much… I will be doing another blog more into depth soon about the many things that we have planned πŸ™‚


I don’t want to get too “gushy” or anything, but I just want to talk about my closest friend for a second… Lauren really inspires me with her motivation on never giving up,Β and always having determination to complete her goals and keep pushing through no matter how tough things may get. Out of all the photos that I took that evening this one is definitely my favourite because, to me, it shows her passion for what she loves.


One of the things that I have learned with over coming obstacles in life is just doing what I love best. Whatever your passion is, or whatever your goals are…just go for them and try your damn hardest!

Be Back Soon,

L x


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