2016 Diary – Re-thinking & strange, yet beautiful sunsets

I know that re-thinking really isn’t the best thing to do, but when things keep leading to the same conclusion or reason it starts to make me question.. How come some of the most simple situations, aren’t simple anymore? How did one person ruin and change so much in my life?

I don’t usually like to write about the negatives in my life, but I have had a few blogz in my ‘drafts’ box for quite a while… Now, I like to/want to talk about anything and everything.. exactly like a diary, which is what I aim to do in all my blog posts 🙂 Some days may conclude to be really interesting and exciting… where others could just be me writing about something that has been on my mind all day. But that is life, and everyone goes through different challenges in life.

If you have read my blogz before then you may remember that I left my old college, and I am now studying a completely different course at a new college. I’ll admit I love animals and completing the practical tasks where its hands on, and learning about the different diseases… It’s all very interesting and quite fascinating the more you find out! But a few of my lessons I’m really not hooking on with anything that I am learning and its quite frustrating. I don’t get whats wrong with me sometimes.. But I just feel so lost. I find certain “things” quite hard to explain, with this being one of them :/

I do enjoy college and it’s going pretty good but I just have mixed feelings in my head for whether to stay on or go for an apprenticeship, where I’ll have the independence I want and just getting to focus on one job instead of, what feels like 4.. I go college which also comes along with commercial experience and work experience which are completed in my own time, and then I also have my actual job. All together it’s messing up my body clock and I feel like I don’t really have something to focus on because there is so much going on.

In past blogs I have only really highlighted why I left college, and not really gone into detail because I see it as such a negative.. but this is a diary blog and I feel like I should talk about my day/s whether they are up or down? I could help myself out by talking about situations and getting them off my chest, and I might even help others as they may be going through similar situations and might feel alone at times…  I don’t think that I am quite ready to write about why I left college an what happened just yet.. But in time I would love to be able to talk about it and help others through challenges too 🙂

What I love doing most, that takes me out of “bad zones” is taking photos, if you have read my blogz before then you know how much I love photography! Going out on mini adventures and capturing moments… Is what I love to do. The other evening I was writing notes for an assignment, and I noticed the sky was going a mixture of colours so I, of course, had to get my camera out!

Overall with this college situation, I’m still at war in my mind with college vs apprenticeships. I’m going to find out a lot more about apprenticeships and see if there is one that would help me pursue my future career… But we will see and I will keep you updated 🙂

Be Back Soon,

L x


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