2016 Diary – Job update & CRIMBO!!!

December… More like rushember or debtcember! The last month of the year always goes the fastest as your buying presents on all of your spare days, and working on all the other days to have enough money to be able to afford all the presents.

This is the first year where I have had a job where I work over Christmas and new years. It’s quite odd but then again I’m really enjoying my new job so I honestly don’t mind 🙂

My new job is going great! I don’t really know whether to still call it new as I have now been working there just over a month..? But still, it’s going great, amazing in fact 😀  I have definitely gained a lot of confidence with communicating with customers! When I first started I was really nervous to answer and make calls, before I picked up the phone I always felt like I had a dry throat and had to keep coughing :/ But as soon as I answered I was ok! Now however, I can answer the phone a lot more “sufficient”?? I’d like to say… Because I know most answers to what the customers may ask, I know who to pass on too if needed. I also know a lot more one to one customer service, so actually working in the shop, and I really surprisingly like it 😀  The technician (lets call him J or S, depending on who I am on about but both being the technicians) S has been helping me out whenever some one has brought in a repair that they would like looking at, so whenever someone comes in asking for an estimate on a repair I can now go straight out and check it over! I can sometimes diagnose what needs repairing as well. I obviously still have a bit more confidence to build but I am honestly quite proud of myself because I was really worried and anxious about not fitting in, isn’t everyone??? But overall  I am so happy with with the job!

Within the first week of December we put up our tree and all of the lights, so of course I thought what an opportunity to get a few photos…

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Be Back Soon,

L x


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