Goodbye 2016 diary… HELLO 2017 DIARY!

This year has gone so quick, I feel like I’ve been everywhere. I’ve definitely had a lot of challenges that have given me a ton of experiences, that may not be the best experiences (that’s a bit of an understatement) But everything that has come in my path way has ended up giving me strength and proven me that even when things do get low, you just need to keep holding on and realising that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel and there is no point in giving up.

If I sum up 2016 I have been to two different colleges and have left two amazing jobs but ended up in a camera shop, and have great family and friends who truly support me all the way and have my back through thick and thin.

I mean, I’m not someone to usually sticks to ‘New Years resolutions’ but you know what, this year is seriously going to be different… Something that I learn’t in 2016 that really stood out to me was that if you want something in life, you’ve just got to go and get it! Otherwise you will be sat in the same seat a year later questioning the same things… Honestly, I’m not happy with my body, I want to accept myself and just throw clothes on and feel absolutely fine about it, I feel like I have to somewhat cover my face whenever I go out, I feel pressured with always pleasing everyone… But it’s time to learn and make a few changes and teach myself that I DON’T need to wear make up I should just feel confident in my own skin, if I want to loose weight then I need to just go out and get myself feeling fit and healthy, and I mainly need to learn that I don’t need to please everyone, I am who I am and there is nothing you can really do accept excepting yourself and being who you are, no facades, no hiding, no low self-esteem… get out there and BE YOU!

It’s time to make a difference and stand out.

Let start 2017 on a positive note and keep that flowing!

Be Back Soon,

L x


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