2017 Diary – I don’t usually talk about this topic in my blogz…

Relationships. Something I don’t really talk about in my blogz because any that I have been in, have never felt 100% right… but this one is different. It’s something special.

I’ve never really had any luck with relationships as something really “crappy” happened to me a year ago so whenever I’ve gone to try with a relationship my past either gets in the way (no matter if I try and block it out), or my trust issues and relationship anxiety can ruin most situations…

Around June/July 2016 I opened up to a boy about what happened to me early that year and it was so easy to talk to him, which was really strange as I find it so difficult to talk about that side of my life. At that point in my life I wasn’t really ready for a relationship because my mind was a complete mess and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Anyway so we stayed friends, and have been friends ever since… We supported each other through other relationships and personal issues as we understood each other so well and had trust in one another, and trust is something I find to hard to have in anyone so this must mean something special, right?

A few weeks ago we both decided to hang out and something happened with us both, something special, something that sort of kicked me in the butt and was like “why have you never felt like this before..?”He’s is just SO different to everyone else! Let’s call him ‘K’.

Whenever I’m with K everything just feels right, everything’s simple and seems held together in my life because I have this constant smile on my face, and if it ever disappears he’s there straight away turning that frown upside down. We always make each other laugh and life just seems so positive with him.

With me and relationships family is a huge thing and I’ve always wanted to get along with the other half’s family and be able to hang out with them and feels accepted and comfortable. When K’s family I feel exactly like that, his mum is so lovely and the other night she told me that she feels like I’ve been there forever! This made me feel so happy and accepted, it was so lovely 🙂

Feeling comfortable, accepted, respected, cared for, trusted, special… are the main things that I look for and I’ve never been able to feel like someone ticks all the “boxes”, but K DOES! I can look at any of the different sides to a relationship and know that me and K can do that, feel comfortable to say how we feel, know whats right and when things are right… It’s and all round positive with him in my life and right now I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I don’t usually talk about this topic in my blogz but I just felt like “why not”… It’s something I’m actually happy about in life, so why not share it with you guys?! 🙂

Be Back Soon,

L x


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