2017 Diary – A year later…

This time last year I was a bit of… what you could call a mess. I have never spoken about what happened last February, because  it’s something I’ve never really sat down and properly spoke about. It’s not the easiest topic to bring up in conversation..

This blog post is not going to be about what happened, but about how “things” have changed and how I have changed.

I have learn’t from what happened to me and I would say that I am a lot more aware of what is going on around me, who I’m talking to, what actions I and others make… and I admit that I won’t ever truly “get over” what happened because it is apart of my life, it’s just another chapter that has been written but now the page has turned a new one has begun.

Trust me I would never wish what happened to me on my worst enemy, but god damn it took so much away from me, but nothing that I can’t get back. I would definitely say that a year later I’m a much stronger person! I’m not all about the cliche things in life but the quote “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is now something I live by.

Be Back Soon,

L x



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