2017 Diary – Kitchen banta is back!

Having a job that you enjoy is defiantly something that everyone should have! If you don’t enjoy it you won’t have the motivation to go in and give it your best shot…

I’ve had a job where I found myself becoming bored way too often. I would offer help and near enough beg for something to do because the days felt like weeks as I was never really managed. With that job I had 3 months of a “traineeship” sort of thing before I was then either accepted or rejected into the actual job role. 3 months passed and I got called upstairs to discuss the next step… But as honesty is best policy, I told them how I had been feeling and that I wasn’t enjoying the job so far and it didn’t really phase them nor did they try and persuade me to stay on :/ So that was my last week working there… a few weeks have passed and I HAVE A NEW JOB! Hopefully a solid one too.

If you have read my blogs since the beginning then you’ll know that my first ever job was working in a kitchen, but only as a helper. I really enjoyed my first job and I never had a bad word to say about it, I just wanted a bigger role but as I was in education at the time I couldn’t really be more than a helper since I didn’t work full time.

As I am now able to work in a full time job, I thought why not look for an opportunity back in the kitchen..?! I was soon offered a job as a baker, there was no second thinking or worry about this so I took the job! I have now been working there for nearly 3 weeks and I absolutely love it 😀 I am gaining so many skills and feel like I really fit in.

I have missed so much about working in a kitchen… the amount of success in production every day, the skill and the banta! Yes there is a LOT to complete and get out to service on time, but there is also a LOT of fun 🙂 And that’s what makes me love this job!

You spend most of your day working, so make sure that you enter and leave work with a positive attitude.

Be Back Soon,

L x




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