2017 Diary – New Ideas.

This time last year I was doing the “2016 Diary” and I was posting every day, talking about anything and everything that occurred in my day… it stopped after a while and became a weekly thing where I summed up my week in one blog, and then I just started posting once or twice every month. I hated that I had cut down on posting my blogs so much because it is something that I love to do! I enjoy blabbing about anything, whether it a serious topic, something that I’ve experienced… anything really.

For a little while now I have been building up some ideas for my blog so that I can really get back into blogging regularly. Balancing home life, work life and having time to go out and do photo shoots and write up some blog posts… has been a bit challenging with starting my new job as I really would like to keep on top of my game so I really do work my butt off, which is great! But as soon as I get home I just pass out in bed and then when I wake up again it’s time for work.

So, my new idea is to create a list of topics that I will express through photos every week and get to write about. I was also thinking that any of you could join in..? If you ever thought of a great photo idea, or a topic you would like me to write about.. I would add your ideas to my list too!

Keep an eye out for my next blog to see the first topic that I have chosen!

Be Back Soon,

L x


One thought on “2017 Diary – New Ideas.

  1. One idea: Taking photos of the same thing/place/subject in the daytime and at night, to see if darkness always makes things look scarier.

    Idea 2: Picture of someone, and the viewer/reader is asked to talk about the person by their looks, to ‘read the book by it’s cover’. And then you reveal what/who they actually are and what they do.

    Looking forward to your ideas!


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