2016 Diary: 006 – Update and Back To Work!

Wednesday is my day off college, which is also the day that I have work. I’m not too sure if this is odd but I really do enjoy work 🙂 The staff that I work with are happy and we all get along.

In yesterdays blog I told you about My dog, Treacle, who had to have a operation to get a lot of her teeth taken out :/ Here’s a “little update” She came home from the vets completely out of it because she had been under so that they could actually do the operation. Her walking was completely off so we just settled her down with pillows and blankets for the night, she needed lots of rest because of the pain. This morning when I woke up Treacle was still in a pain, as you would expect, But she was following us around as she usually does. The vet gave us some tablets for her to take because of the pain, this was quite hard because she can’t exactly eat since she had so many teeth taken out… We needed to get the tablets in her so we thought that some fine tuna would be good. We secretly put the tablet in with all the tuna and put it in her bowl. She started eating it all, which was great because she hadn’t eaten in quite a few hours. While she was eating we got on with our own things, Treacle came away from her food, so we assumed that she had eaten the tablet too… Nope, we was wrong! At the bottom of her bowl we found a little white tablet. It took some time to get her to take but we finally done it 😀

Then it was time to head off to work!

I really enjoyed work today because, it was my first day back after Christmas and new years so I got to catch up with everyone, which is always great!

After a lovely lift home I really wanted to take some photos, But I had no clue what to photograph? But then I found out that my late Christmas present arrived! It was a mini studio lighting set 😀 I’m soooo happy with it, I totally didn’t expect it so it was a complete surprise!

I wanted to test it out and photograph something completely random… So I grabbed some jelly babies, left from new years and set them up. It’s so random but so cute  and detailed because you can kind of see the different features on each jelly babie haha 😀

jelly babies

For this photo I only upped the contrast a bit on Photoshop to make the details and colours stand out that little bit more, which I think makes the photos eye catching. I love it!

I hope you have all enjoyed this blog and liked the photo that I took!

Be Back Soon,

Libby x

If any of you have facebook or would like to contact me in other ways I do have a facebook page! Please feel free to check it out 🙂



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